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Nickel Electro-Plating

Nickel Electroplating

NICKEL is white lustrous metal. NICKEL has a high mechanical strength, is fairly hard & at ordinary temperatures is paramagnetic. NICKEL only oxides with difficulty even when in heated air & polished surfaces will gradually corrode on atmospheric exposure. NICKEL is slowly soluble in hydrochloric acid & also in diluted sulphuric acid. Diluted Nitric acid rapidly attacks nickel. Immersion of NICKEL in concentrated sulphuric acid renders the surface passive and this prevents it from being readily attacked. NICKEL may deposited as a bright or semi-bright dull coating.
For Engineering Applications, ductility and hardness are of major importance & by adjusting the operating conditions & solution composition the property of the deposit can be varied to meet the requirements of differing applications. For decorative finishes the presence of excessive stress, brittleness or of low ductility could result in premature failing of coating.
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