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MegaZinc(R) Electro-Plating


MegaZinc(R) is a Registered trademarked process providing an electroplated Zinc (Galvanised) coating of between 10 and 30 microns thick, (depending on the Class), plus other various organic protective finishes, which inter alia, will leach and seal the plated article and according to our suppliers documentation should enable it to withstand a neutral Salt Spray test(SABS 7253 accredited method) of:
1. 800 - 900 Hours (Class A)
2. 700 - 800 Hours (Class B)
3. 600 - 700 Hours (Class C)
before the appearance of Red Rust. (Tested and Verified as per SABS test report no: 7222/2542276/Y088.
  • Electroplating Specification in pdf format to which we do our Electroplating
  • MegaZinc(R) Hours is a printable letter in a pdf format showing the Salt Spray hours that MegaZinc should withstand.
  • Registration Certificate of MegaZinc(R) Trademark from the Department of Trade and Insudtry in pdf format.

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