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Mechanical Plating and Galvanising

The Mechanical Plating Process dates back approximately 30 years with the primary advantage being the elimination of the potential of hydrogen embrittlement in hardened fasteners.

Coatings of zinc, tin, cadmium and aluminium as well as combinations of these metals can be obtained through the mechanical process in thicknesses ranging from .00015" to .001". By combinations, various percentages of zinc and cadmium, zinc and tin, cadmium and tin, zinc and aluminium, and cadmium and aluminium can be deposited to provide excellent corrosion protection, exhibiting many of the advantageous properties of each individual deposited metal. Other soft, malleable metal powders such as: copper, brass, indium gold, silver, and lead have also been deposited mechanically.

The Mechanical galvanizing process was developed to meet the fastener requirements of the construction industry. This high performance coating will provide sacrificial protection in rural, industrial and marine environments for 10 to 30 years depending on the thickness applied. Through the usage of the system, zinc coating thicknesses of 0.0021" to 0.0035" inches are achievable and are being widely accepted by construction, pole line hardware, nail mfgs. And highway maintenance industries.

The mechanical galvanizing process is basically an extension of the well-known mechanical plating technology. It was made possible by improvements in equipment design to facilitate larger volumes and by the development of new process chemistry. Otherwise, they are essentially processed in the same manner. Both mechanical plating and galvanizing are room temperature processes in which metal coatings are applied to parts without electricity as in electroplating, and without high heat as in hot-dip galvanizing.

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